Make your business or organisation stand out by being featured in one of our mobile apps or letting us help you create your own. Go global. Reach the world. 

Click to learn more about our services.

Click to learn more about our services.

Click242 App Solutions is a Bahamian company that provides social media management services and high quality mobile applications for businesses and nonprofit organisations.

Today's technologies have leveled the playing field for small businesses and nonprofit organisations. With a strong social media presence or a mobile app, anyone can engage customers, members or clients in meaningful ways, while achieving organisational goals. We're at this point in history and those who don't adopt to leveraging technology will be left behind.

More About Us


We are Bahamian

Our company was launched in The Bahamas and we understand the local realities of working throughout the islands. We have an appreciation for Bahamian culture, history and the people of The Bahamas and are competent in our knowledge of the current technological landscape.  


We are Experienced

Our focus is to help small to medium businesses and nonprofits leverage technology by working around limitations and capitalizing on existing trends and current technology. We work with our clients to efficiently and effectively meet organisational goals.


We are Passionate

We love the fields of social media and mobile applications. We combine our passion for technology with our commitment to work hard for all of our clients. We work with our clients each step of the way and encourage them .