7 Reasons to Advertise with Click242


  1. Gain exposure for your business over the web, social media, and app marketplaces

  2. Leverage the power of apps without having to develop one 

  3. Extend your brand in an attractive and affordable way

  4. Get exclusive access to the multitude of tourists visiting every year

  5. Limited space in the app gives you an advantage over competitors

  6. The app market is virtually untouched for The Bahamas

  7. Early adopters receive deeper discounts!

Click the images for more information on advertising in the Click242 App Series

Click242 Nature

Ads in the Nature app reflect clients whose product, service, campaign or mandate is related to the management, conservation or preservation of the natural environment of The Bahamas.

Click242 Dive

Ads in the Dive app are related to companies who offer products or services related to scuba diving, snorkeling, and travel.  

Click242 Outdoors

Ads in the Outdoors app are specific to clients that provide outdoor related services and products including recreation, sales, travel and adventure.

Click242 Food

Ads that compliment the Food app include food related venues, activities, festivals and products. 

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