“The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it”.
— Jack Dangermond, ESRI


Many industries are utilizing mapping to assist with outlining project areas, decision making, monitoring, and relaying information. Maps take on many shapes and forms. Click 242 helps clients determine which type of map would be useful and brings the client's vision to life.

“Digital mapping is about to change our world by documenting the real world, then integrating the information into our computers, phones, and lifestyles. Roll over, Mason and Dixon: spurred by space photography, global satellite position- ing, mobile phones, search engines and new ways of marketing information for the World Wide Web, the ancient art of cartography is now on the cutting edge.”
— Levy, S. 2004. A future with nowhere to hide? Newsweek 143(23):78

The scope of such tech solutions may vary, but we are flexible in our ability to identify solutions and skill in our execution. 

Mapping solutions may include:

  • Visualizing statistics
  • Webmap applications 
  • Graphic designs that include maps
  • Site selection

Are you looking for a mapping solution to address an organisational need or project goal? Contact us today to find out more about the types of maps we design and are best suited for your project or organisation.

We help you figure out which mapping solutions are the best for achieving your goals.